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Japanilainen keittiö

At Mashikokan, everything is cooked to your taste, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, infused with the spirit of Satoyama Forest. We take great pride in taking advantage of Mashiko’s rural, natural landscape. Unlike other hotels, we make the most of seasonal flavors. Every dish is uniquely prepared to complement the time of year. You’ll feel just like a local!

Make yourself at home in one of our traditional dining halls. One is fitted with genuine Ryukyu tatami, another crafted of all-natural wood. For the discreet minded, why not book one of our private rooms?

Let us know your dietary requirements at the time of booking, so that we can prepare a dinner especially for you. And please tell us if you would like a private dining experience. Our two private rooms are in hot demand!

Please note that dinner is served at a set time only, and only available for guests who booked a room 'with dinner' as we have to prepare ingredients in advance.
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Ruokaa Gaku


Yksityinen huone, jossa on luonnollinen puupöytä ja vieras voi haistaa puuta. Se on suunniteltu yksinkertaiseksi, jotta asiakkaat voivat nauttia nauttimaan hauskoista ruokailusta ilman häirintää. Tämä yksityinen huone tekee sinusta tuntuu, että olet VIP-asiakas kutsuttu piilotettuun paikkaan metsässä.

Yksityinen huone, jossa on vihreää väriä, jonka vieraana voi tuntea luonteensa. Tämä käsite tekee vierailustasi rauhalliseksi ja viihtyisaksi.
Our two private rooms are in hot demand. And as we only have two rooms, please let us know if you would like to book the private rooms well in advance.