Esthetic of forest Fuwari

Esthetic spa treatment for beautiful body and mind ptovide total relaxation for you.Treat yourself in this relaxing space…

Facial Esthetic Menu

Our trained esthetician will provide skin care treatment with selected skin care products.



60 mins ¥5000

60 mins + Ultrasonic waves ¥6000

Facial & Decollete

75 mins ¥6000

75 mins + Ultrasonic waves ¥7000

Relaxation by head and face massage.

It helps improving blood circulation, reduce stress and headache, tired eyes, your brain feels refreshed after the treatment. For facial & decollete menu, pushing acupressure points from head, it helps improving blood circulation, to relax, to reduce stress.

To stimulate head, body parts around brain, this massage can take away your tiredness and stress and can work immediately.

Aroma Body Treatment Menu

Total relaxation to your body and mind, using essential oil speacially blended for that person. 100% natural oil will prevent dry skin and makes your skin smooth and soft.

Please unwind with body treatment, which combine aroma therapy and touch therapy.



60 mins (Back) ¥6500

90 mins (Whole Body) ¥6000

Body & Head

Body 60 mins + Head ¥7500

Body 90 mins + Head ¥10500

Body 60 mins + Body Pack ¥8000

Body 90 mins + Body Pack ¥11500

*To avoid physical burden, lymphatic massage will be done slowly. 60mins menu only have back massage for this reason.

Head treatment is about 15 mins. This massage helps to prevent sagging.

Pack will be done during body treatment. For 60 mins menu we provide pack for your back, for 90 mins, we provide pack for your back and decollete. This treatment is recommended for those who suffer from sunburn, skin dullness, impurity, rough skin.


*This treatment is for female only.
*Esthetic treatment is with reservation only.
*Please make reservation in advance
*For more details, please inquire us?