For each facilities, our staff will welcome guests to respond to thier request.

Our wish is to make guest`s dream come true.

Using our facilities, if you have request such as "I want to dine in Japanse style room with low table and tatami instead of dining table" "How can I reach facilities if we use wheelchair?"

please let us know in advance, or just talk to our staff.

Welcome to Satoyama Resort hotel "Mashikokan."We will welcome all the guest so that they feel relaxed like they come back to their parent`s home. Calm and cozy atmosphere and mountain view welcomes our guest. This is a base of your Mashiko trip. Please enjoy every moment of your stay inside and outside our hotel.

Enjoy chatting with friends

Small Banquet Room



Big Banquet Room



Big Banquet Room


These rooms can be used for multi purpose.

Convention Hall?Hikari?

Sala de reunião 「Lincoln」 「President」

Moment with a lot of smiles

Karaoke Party Room?Hibiki?

Karaoke Snack?Bishamon?

Good facilities


Esthetic of Forest?Fuwari?

Gift Shop?WAKU?

Gift Shop?WAKU?

About Free Rental Amenities

PLease request at front desk if needed.


Table Tennis Set, Wheelchairs, Humidifier, Air Purifier

PC, Electric Iron, Iron board, Playing Cards, Mosquito coil

Reading glasses, Thermometer, Hanger, Full length mirror

Halogen heater, Icenon(Cooling pillow), Flower vase

*Number of each amenities is limited.